Our Testimonials

Dear Chris,

I would like to thank you very much for the high quality restoration of the patio and the sidewalk. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends. Thank you again and best wishes.

Rakesh Bhandari
London, ON

Chris and Crew,

Thank you so much for tha amazing job you did on our deck. It’s like new again for our enjoyment. As you know this is the second house that you have restored our deck to a presteen condition for relaxing an dentertaining. We highly recommend you to friends, family, and everyone who needs deck work. Great Job once again!

George & Sharon Skutovich

Dear Chris,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you did in refinishing our deck this past June. I believe this is the third time you have stained the deck and each time we find your work of the highest quality and your team, very professional. I would like to extend a special thank you for the work this past June, in accommodating me with the surprise party I had for my wife. Your team’s effort in getting the job completed in time for the event and keeping it a ‘secret’ was very much appreciated.

Fred McLean

Dear Chris,

In late October, 2012 I purchased a charming Ontario cottage at the corner of Grosvenor Street at Maitland. The home was in move-in condition on the inside but the outside had suffered from sanitary and water construction all summer long, leaving the lawns and outside building and fencing in very rough shape.

After waiting for spring to arrive I attended the 2013 Spring Home Show and visited your booth to discuss strategies to replace the pressure treated wood with composite decking materials.

The wood deck and fence was weathered grey with a mossy green cast over the fence and walls. Overhead trees had created a micro-environment leading to surface deteriorization of the wood.

You showed up right after the Home Show and examined the fence and decking for structural integrity, and did a walk-around with me to explain how your process could restore my wood to like-new condition. I greatly respected your ideas for improvements to my deck which had deep root in a number of boards. What impressed me the most was the fact that Woodsaver replaces aged boards with recovered decking materials so that once you reclaim the wood all boards will match in colour.

This attention to detail sets your company apart from the crowd of fencing and deck builders.
Every job of this scale has challenges when you get into full swing and I appreciated your daily updates on solutions to imperfections and hidden rot with ideas that matched the age of my deck materials.

Another revelation is the fact Woodsaver builds new structures with an eye to match existing materials. My outside shed roof was in need of replacement. Your crew strip pled off the old cedar shakes and replaced the trusses with fresh sawn pine and new shakes which were stained to match the fence and deck. You even painted the eves with the Slate Green paint to match the main house colour scheme.

Nice work. Constant communications. Your team were polite and clean.

I would use Woodsaver again and recommend Chris Richards and his crew to anyone considering deck or fence replacement. In my case I saved 2/3rds of the cost of new materials and the job looks like a brand new construction job.

Best to you and your Crew.

Peter Watson

I would like to thank the Woodsaver team for performing an outstanding job on my cedar home in Stoney Creek. This massive undertaking included the restoration of all exterior surfaces on the home, including cedar siding, two huge decks a large shed and a fence. There are many companies out there that claim to do good work, but very few can perform what I would consider miracles in my case. My home, which is 20 years old, located on the shores of Lake Ontario at 22 Lakeshore Drive in Stoney Creek, has never been restored. The cedar was cracking, the boards were falling off, the nails were coming out, and the stain was faded beyond all recognition. I did not even believe that something like this could ever be restored! I considered removing the cedar and replacing with some form of new siding. This would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars, worst of all it would have taken away from the design aspect of the entire property. Most companies take the easy route, such as corn blasting, or using water based stains that do not last. They do not get into any physical repairs of the wood, only basic surface restoration. Woodsaver seemed like a no brainer to me, but I still had my doubts. From the very first day that Chris arrived with his team, they worked around the clock to complete the job. Not only were they professional in every way, but also they did extraordinary work. All the surfaces were stripped, sanded and repaired. There is no one in this industry that sands, because its time consuming. The sanding made all the difference! The wood was very old and very rough. The process of sanding brought back the “new look” and increased the value of my home in a big way! The care that they took to bring this wood back literally blew me away. You can tell when someone loves their job and takes pride in their work. In the past I used to restore my own decks, I will never touch them ever again for as long as these guys are around. As a general consumer you do not have access to the high quality stains that they use. I tried to get the name of the product that they used, but it is their trade secret, for good and understandable reasons. However, Chris was nice enough to leave me a bucket of the stuff for touch ups. One final thought, they actually completed the job according to schedule, without compromising the quality of the work. This is very rare these days. In order to meet the timeframe they worked 12-hour days Saturdays and Sundays. At the end of the day I have no hesitation in recommending them to my family and the closest of friends. From the smallest project to the largest undertaking I salute Chris and his team for their efforts, dedication and talent, and wish them all the best in the future. Thanks again.

Martin Rygiel

Dear Sir or Madam:

  I have an eighteen year old cedar deck in the yard that had been painted an ugly red followed years later by an ugly brown. There was, I thought, considerable water damage and rot. It was so appalling I decided to replace it this year. I realized I could not afford to replace it with new cedar (too expensive) and was in the midst of pricing out the cost for pressure treated when Woodsavers were recommended to me by Foran’s deck and fencing co.

  Chris was confident he could strip the paint and grime off my deck, sand and prepare the wood and refinish it in a stain that would complement the cedar. He assured me that the water damage was superficial and that underneath, the cedar was in good shape. His price quote was Very reasonable. I agreed to proceed but really, deep down, I did not think Chris could salvage this deck. My other worry was water damage in the basement with all the power washing that was to go on.

  The final result was well beyond my most optimistic expectations. Chris was able to strip away 18 years of mistakes, sand down the wood and stain it beautifully. It looks brand new. There was much less water sprayed than I thought there would be. There were no water issues at all.

  Working with Chris and his crew was a pleasure. They were very courteous, professional and personable. The worksite was always kept clean. Overnight, everything was put away. The work was very labor intensive. Despite the hot summer weather they worked throughout each day. finishing the job promptly. The final price was exactly as quoted.

  I offered to write this testimonial for Chris. I have never offered to write one before, I wish all tradesmen could possess the professionalism that Chris arid his crew displayed throughout. I can highly recommend Woodsavers.

J.L. Jadd

Dear Chris:

 I just had to write to thank you so much for all your hard work. You and your crew are such hard workers and do such a great job. I know my deck has many unique features with the height, the glass railing, and the extreme sun exposure but you perservered and did an excellent professional job. It looks great and I have had many compliments on its apperance. Thank you so much.

Paula Heard

To whom it may concern:

This is to express my satisfaction with the job done on my deck by Chris Richards and his Woodsaver company. The work was carried out efficiently, courteously and with excellent results Chris later came to my house and demonstrated how water-repellent the coating on the deck is He poured a glass of water which beaded immediately and did not soak through into the boards. I have also found the price to be very reasonable. I would recommend Woodsaver to anyone interested in prolonging the life of their decks and other external wood surfaces.

Vladimir Tumanou, Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts University College

In the spring of 2003 we decided that it was time to have our cedar deck redone. It had been built in. 1988 and had only been sealed a few times although the deck was in good shape it was in definite need of some freshening up. We spoke with Chris Richards at the London Home show and had him come out for an estimate. We arranged to have the deck done in May or June. As it turns out it was a wet spring and Chris was running behind. I called and requested that the deck be completed for the first of June because we were having a Birthday Barbecue. Chris promised to do his best and the deck was completed as promised. The deck turned out great. They came one day and washed and stripped the deck. They came back a few days later and sanded and sealed it. Everything was left very clean and there was no mess at all. The deck looked amazing. All the original beautiful cedar colour was there again. One of our neighbors looked out his window and actually thought we had put in a new deck. The deck is in full sun and is beside our swimming pool It has lasted all summer and has not faded at all. Chris and his crew did a great job and I would not hesitate to hire them again.

Jack and Claudine Andrews

Dear Chris,

You and your people were by a few weeks ago to do maintenance on my front veranda and rear deck and I’d like to let you know how pleased I am with your work. In the summer of 2002 I asked you to clean and refinish the woodwork around my house because fungus was growing in places and making the surfaces treacherously slippery The entire area was gray and weather-beaten, and I was more concerned to make the surfaces safe to walk on than to improve the appearance, which I thought could not be salvaged. My own efforts to do so with chemical deck scrubbers had never produced more than a partial and temporary improvement, and only damaged the surrounding vegetation. Instead of using chemicals, you did a pressure wash followed by a sanding and refinishing. I was amazed with the results. You brought out colour and features in the old wood that made it look very handsome, and in the year that passed between your first and second visits the surfaces remained clear of fungus and safe to walk on, even in the rain. Now, after your second visit to do an annual touch up of the horizontal surfaces, the wood looks even better than it did after the first Your work has always been quick and unobtrusive, and I have appreciated your advice on what I need to do to improve and preserve the appearance of the wood around my house. I’m sure that what you have done has significantly increased its value. It has certainly increased the pleasure I take in its appearance.

Yours sincerely,
Lorrie Falkenstein

Dear Chris:

I am writing to thank you for “adding value to my property”
I have a seven year old cedar deck.
It has been professionally cleaned and stained twice in the seven years, and by the end of the summer it looked like it had never been done. Out of the two different companies that cleaned and stained for me, neither mentioned sanding.
It wasn’t until I dealt with Chris that I realized how important sanding is…
Chris and Ryan came and cleaned the deck, sanded it, and sealed it. It turned out better than it looked when it was new. You can actually run your hand across the deck and feel the smoothness without getting a wood splinter. The work was done when promised, the personal were very professional and friendly and the clean up was immaculate. Chris also offers a MAINTENANCE PACKAGE, where he comes back the following year and performs his magic. I now have a wooden garden shed with a porch in front and Chris and Ryan have also performed their magic on it. It was cleaned, sanded and sealed inside and out. It is what you would call a MASTER PIECE sifting in my back yard. I would HIGHLY recommend WOODSAVER to anyone and I would be very proud to show off their work to anyone who is considering having their outside wood preserved. Believe me; these guys are worth every penny that it costs. They are hard Working professionals
Thank you again Chris, for a JOB WELL DONE!!!

Yours truly,
Corrine Lockhart